• 1 kg (2.2 lbs) bag of imported Argentine yerba mate with stems. Union "Suave" is harvested in colder months to reduce natural tannins and produce a mild and smooth taste. The white stems and medium cut leaves create a frothy, buoyant brew that is filled with light astringent, tart tones and bolder grassy undertones. Completed with a nutty and buttery finish.

    Union yerba mate con palo/Suave (1 kg)

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    • Commercially packaged yerba mate requires a "Best by" date,  to meet Argentine manufacturing requirements. However, Argentine style yerba mate is always aged prior to milling and packaging, with some of the more expensive, premium brands being aged for longer periods of time.  

      The key to maintaining and preserving the flavor of the yerba is in the strage conditions. Dry, cool, and dark storage will preserve the flavor of the yerba for several months even years after the "Best by" date. This yerba mate has been stored in such conditions and as such will have the rich full flavor that you would expect.