Health and Fitness

When it comes to health and fitness yerba mate is an incredible natural supplement. I addition to it's energizing properties, yerba mate is a natural vasodilator which increases circulation and oxygen to the heart, especially during periods of stress or exercise. This increased blood-flow improves cardiac efficiency, decreases blood pressure, and reduces fatigue. It also helps to maintain aerobic glycolysis (breakdown of carbohydrates or glucose) during exercise for long periods of time. This means more calories are burned, endurance is enhanced, and anaerobic glycolysis is reduced, which lowers the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles.



Athletes and bodybuilders who consume yerba mate regularly improve psychomotor performance, are able to train longer, and recover faster. In addition, the pantothenic acid (a B vitamin) in yerba mate plays a role in metabolism and energy production, providing a natural and sustained energy boost that aids in the fat burning process.


Yerba mate can further help with natural weight loss by distressing feelings of hunger while boosting metabolism. The ancient Guarani would subsist on one meal a day and copious amounts of yerba mate during times of scarcity. This was possible because yerba mate nourishes the body and reduce appetite. For those looking to lose water weight, the diuretics properties in yerba mate can help eliminate excess water and tone the body.

Yerba mate is also a great supplement for those looking to reduce body fat on programs like intermittent fasting or Keto diets by helping dieters get through the fasting period while infusing their bodies with energizing nutrients. Drinking 8 oz of yerba mate 20 minutes before a meal can work as a natural diet aid by taking the edge off hunger pangs and preventing overeating.

Aids Digestion

It is not uncommon for people in Argentina to enjoy yerba mate after or even alongside a meal. That is because yerba mate aids in the production of bile and other gastric acids needed for proper digestion.

Yerba mate has depurative (promotes cleansing and excretion of waste) properties which help to alleviate constipation and maintain a healthy digestive tract. It is also a diuretic which helps prevent and improve bladder problems, and its effects lasts longer than those of coffee with no side effects or insomnia.